Traktor F1

Traktor F1

Native Instruments have released the Traktor F1. This new addition to the NI family has more punch than Mike Tyson and     that by using this new Kontrol you will be able to remix anything.

So does the F1 live up to it’s promises? Well after searching and reading through many Traktor F1 reviews I can see that there is certainly a lot on offer yet NI have not managed to satisfy everyone in the industry or even some of their most loyal clients.  But why is this the case? what has been left out?

Well it begins with the new Traktor 2.5 software which has introduced the Remix DecksTM which  are really the essence and the excitement around the nis new product release. This new function will only allow the user to control its functions via by using the Traktor F1 and no other controller. However this has upset many Traktor die hard fans and they seem to be fighting back with threats on some forum and blog posts, threatening to break the code and allow access to the remix decks from virtually any other controller on the market.

It does feel that this method of locking the Traktor software so that it will only work in conjunction with the F1 is NI’s marketing strategy to get people on board their new product(s). It certainly seems that way.

Slightly better news for some of us as NI have mentioned that the Remix DecksTM will grant the Traktor S4 and S2 will be able to access some of the Remix DeckTM functions as they have replaced the sample decks found on the previous Traktor software.

Native Instruments have announced that they will be granting access for other controllers to access the new Remix functions but have not yet provided an accurate time scale.




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